Company History


For over 90 years, our family business has been taking care of whole baby generations. Our family has been passing its experience and knowledge from generation to generation.

For us children, there was nothing better than watching with how much love and skill our hauck products were produced.  Today, we are parents ourselves and our children have grown up with hauck products. But not until we were mum and dad did we realize how important it was that our products are tailored to the needs of children and their parents.

Our history started in 1923. This very year, our  great-grandfather started his basketry. In hard handicraft, basket  bassinets were bound in Sonnefeld, in Upper Franconia, the very cradle  of traditional basket craft. Christening robes extended the collection  later on. In the 70s, strollers and cots were added.

Soon, our company made a name for itself beyond  Upper Franconia. Since 1989, we have offered products in different  licences next to our own products. Our lifestyle brand iCoo  was founded  in 2002. Here, parents find exclusive products for their children.

Bit by bit, the hauck product range has been extended. The collection now offers stroller sets, double buggies, buggies, high chairs, car seats, travel beds, rockers, safety gates and accessories. Since 1992, our products have been offered on all continents in over 86 countries.