Wash N Fold L

Space-saving, modern baby bathtub with stool

  • Water and space-saving at home and on trips
  • Safe and comfortable bathting fun for your baby
  • Easy handling and cleaning
Colour variants : White-Sage
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Top features

  • foldable
  • safety indicator


Space-saving, modern baby bathtub with stool

Baby bathtub for indoor and outdoor

At home or out and about, in a hotel room or while camping, the baby tub inclusive stoll is a practical companion that can be placed in most showers thanks to its size of 78 x 56 x 44 cm.

Large volume and water-saving at the same time

The baby bathtub takes up to 90 l water and a maximum weight of 40 kg, offering your baby enough room whilst you can save water compared to using a regular tub.

Long-term companion up to 5 years

Thanks to the robust materials, your child can splash around up to 18 kg. Also, the Wash N Fold M can be combined with the separately available accessory hauck Bathtub Baby Inlay.

Safe temperature thanks to colour-changing plug

To keep your baby at a comfortable temperature around 36 degrees, the plug turns white when the water gets too hot, giving you approximate information about the temperature.

Protection through soft materials

Thanks to the soft and rounded edges, your child's head can lean against the tub more comfortably and in a safer manner compared to a regular tub.

Stable stand and stool

Thanks to the fold-out feet, the baby bath stands firmly and reliably on a straight, stable surface. Thanks to the suction cups, the stool also remains firmly attached in the tub.

Easy and intuitive assembly and folding

Quick and easy: To assemble, fold out both feet and press down the base. To fold, turn the empty bathtub upside down, press down the base and fold in the feet.

Flat folding for an easy storage and transport

Folded flat, the tub is only 78 x 56 x 17 cm, allowing you to save 60% space. It can be stored in a cupboard, on a shelf or under the bed, making it ideal for small rented flats or when travelling.

Simple water draining by the plug

When your child has finished bathing, you can easily drain the water through the plug.



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