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Open N Stop

  • Safety gate for doors and stairs of 75 - 80 cm
  • Easy installation with pressure fit
  • Manual locking mechanism with double safety catch
  • Door opens to both sides with one hand
  • Fixable on round stair railings with Y spindle
  • Optional: Model available also incl. 9 cm or 21 cm extension
For 75 - 80 cm

For 75 - 80 cm

This sturdy metal safety gate is ideal for door frames or stair railings with a width of 75 - 80 cm and guarantees safety for your little discoverer. It is fixed by pressure fit and can be individually extended up to 122 cm by using separately available extensions.

Pressure fit

Pressure fit

The Open'n Stop Safety Gate is to be fixed with clamp bolts in between door frames or walls. As there is no drilling needed, this safety gate is ideal for rental apartments or your grandparents' house.

Opens to both sides

Opens to both sides

The Open'n Stop Safety Gate has a manual closure mechanism and engages safely in its safety catch. Thanks to its double safety catch, only adults are able to open it - in both directions - and with one hand only. This way, you will always have one free hand for your little one.

Optional extensions

Optional extensions

Thanks to the extensions of 9 and/or 21 cm, you can childproof passages up to 122 cm. These extensions are available separately.

Optional accessories

Optional accessories

Those who have round stair railings can use the Y spindel together with the extensions of 21 cm for the safety gate's fixing.

Open N Stop

The safety gate Open'n Stop offers child-friendly safety at home and is suitable for widths from 75 to 80 cm. If you wish to secure larger openings, we recommend our Open'n Stop inclusive 9cm extension (84 - 89 cm) or rather our Open'n Stop inclusive 21cm extension (96 - 101 cm). Each model of this gate can be extended with a maximum of two extension extension and up to a maximum width of 122 cm. With Y-spindles, the gate can also be used for round stair railings.

The attachment is done in the twinkling of an eye. The metal gate is clamped by pressure mounting between walls or doorways. Drilling and screwing is not necessary.

The Open'n Stop Safety Gate has a two-fold manual locking mechanism. It can be opened with one hand and locks reliably in a childproof closure.

With separately available extensions, the gate can be individually extended and used as a stair gate. If you have a stair railing with round bars, you can attach the safety gate next to the extensions of 9 and 21 cm with the separately available Y-spindles.

The following dimensions and combinations are possible:

75 - 80 cm = safety gate without extensions
84 - 89 cm = gate + 9 cm extension (separate)
93 - 98 cm = gate 9 cm extension (separate) + 9 cm extension (separate)
96 - 101 cm = gate + 21 cm extension (separate)
105 - 110 cm = gate + 9 cm extension (separate) + 21 cm extension (separate)
117 - 122 cm = gate + 21 cm extension (separate) + 21 cm extension (separate)

If you use the hauck Y-spindles in combination with the 9 cm and 21 cm extensions, the same options are possible.

This product is a self-adjusting gate. This means that the gate's initial misaligning/gap on the level of the locking mechanism is eliminated by tightening the locking screws in the frame.


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  • Safety gate


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Open N Stop - White
Color White
EAN CODE 4007923597026

Product weight

Product net weight 3,76 kg
Product gross weight 4,50 kg
Protection Area
Possible Protection Area(s)
  • 75 - 80 cm (Gate Only)
Optional Extensions
  • 9 cm Extension
  • 21 cm Extension
  • Y-Spindle
Optional Protection Area(s)
  • 75 - 80 cm (Gate Only)
  • 84 - 89 cm (Gate + 9 cm Extension)
  • 93 - 98 cm (Gate + 9 cm + 9 cm Extension)
  • 96 - 101 cm (Gate + 21 cm Extension)
  • 105 - 110 cm (Gate + 9 cm + 21 cm Extension)
  • 117 - 122 cm (Gate + 21 cm + 21 cm Extension)
Safety Gate Height 77 cm
Safety Gate Special Feature(s)
  • Easy to mount without drilling
  • Extendable
Age Information
  • 0 - 24 months
Built up   1,5/4 x 75-80 x 77 cm