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  • Y adapter for hauck safety gates
  • Facilitates the installation of safety gates on round stair railings
  • Compatible with Autoclose N Stop, Open N Stop KD, Open N Stop, Close N Stop, Wood Lock
  • Easy assembly - no drilling necessary
  • Also compatible with extensions of 9 cm and / or 21 cm
For round stair railings

For round stair railings

Thanks to this Y adaptor you can install the hauck safety gates Autoclose'n Stop, Autoclose'n Stop 2, Open'n Stop, Open'n Stop KD, Close'n Stop and Wood Lock on stair railings with round or oval bars with a diameter of max. 10 cm. The Y spindles are also compatible with the 9cm and 21cm extensions.

Pack of 2

Pack of 2

The Y spindles have a screw lenght of 11 cm and are to be turned onto the safety gate. Each package contains two pieces, i.e. for one side of the safety gate.


Thanks to these Y-spindels you can install almost all hauck safety gates on stair railings with round or oval bars with a diameter up to 10 cm.

The Y-spindles are 11 cm long and available in packs of two (for one side of the gate).

These adaptors are compatible with the following hauck safety gates for children: utoclose N Stop, Autoclose N Stop 2, Stop N Safe 2, Open N Stop, Open N Stop KD, Wood Lock, Wood Lock 2 and Close N Stop.

You can also use the Y-spindles for door gates that have already been individually extended with one or two extensions of 9 cm and/or 21 cm.

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Safety Gate Special Feature(s)
  • Easy to mount without drilling
  • Extendable
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  • 0 - 24 months