Bodyguard Pro

  • Grow-along car seat for children from 15-36 kg (ca. 3-12 years)
  • Shock-absorbing side-impact protection system with memory foam + air-pocket system
  • 7x height-adjustable headrest with integrated side wing width adjustment
  • ISOFIX CONNECT fixation
  • Optimized seat belt guide (diagonal belt)

Product Colors

ECE Group II / III

This grow-along car seat is approved to ECE 44/04 as Group 2/3 car seat for children from approx. 3 to 12 years or rather for a body weight of 15-36 kg. The Bodyguard Pro is ideal for cars that have a standard 3-point security belt system.

Isofix Connect

The Bodyguard Pro is equipped with our ISOFIX CONNECT which enables an easy and fast fixing in your car. This way, the car seat will always remain in the correct position and guarantee your child's safety.

Energy-Absorbing System

The Bodyguard Pro is fitted with our innovative Crash Absorbing System in addition to layers of polystyrene and memory foam. Furthermore, it is fitted with a new air-pocket with a controlled escape of the air that is inside. Thanks to these two systems that act impact and shock-absorbing, Bodyguard Pro is perfectly safe.


The Bodyguard Pro car seat grows along with your child. The head part has 7 height adjustments and the lateral parts can be adjusted in width, too. The diagonal safety belt has been developed so as not to cut into your child's neck.

Breathable Fabrics

High-quality and breathable stretch materials have been used in order to guarantee your little one the best comfort. The materials are moisture regulating and can be removed for cleaning. A cupholder is also integrated.

Bodyguard Pro

The Bodyguard Pro keeps your child as safe as possible with its innovative Crash Absorbing system. The grow-along, ECE Group II/III car seat can be used for children from around 3-12 years or weighing from 15-36kg. Bodyguard PRO is approved in accordance with the current car seat regulation ECE 44/04 and is suitable for all vehicle seats fitted with a standard 3-point belt system.

Because it is fitted with our ISOFIX CONNECT System, the Bodyguard PRO can quickly and easily be connected to the vehicle’s ISOFIX connection hooks. This keeps the seat in the correct position. It is always safely secured, even when empty.

The Bodyguard Pro is fitted with our innovative Crash Absorbing system. Memory foam provides optimum protection in the head area. This additional layer has an impact and shock-absorbing effect, combined with the polystyrene cushion, so it achieves outstanding test results in front and side impacts. Bodyguard Pro is also equipped with our new air-pocket system, which also has an impact and shock-absorbing effect, because only controlled escape of the air there is possible through the openings.

Bodyguard PRO grows with your child, because it can be individually adjusted to your child’s height. All of the settings can be made with one hand, to make the journey as pleasant as possible for your child. The headrest has 7 different height settings. As you adjust the height of the headrest, the width of the side wings also gradually changes. The seat belt guide has been optimized for the diagonal belt. It keeps the belt where it is supposed to be, not at the child’s neck.

High-quality, breathable, stretch materials have been used, so that your little one always feels comfortable in the car seat. The materials are moisture-regulating and can be removed and washed.

There is space for a bottle in the standard cup holder. You can choose to mount the cup holder on the right or left side of the car seat, where your child can always reach it.


Product Awards


  • Cup holder
  • Car seat


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Bodyguard Pro - Black/Black
Color Black/Black
EAN CODE 4007923610343

Product weight

Product net weight 6,30 kg
Product gross weight 8,00 kg
  • Extended Side Protection ESP
Age Information
  • 15 - 36 kg
  • approx. 3 - 12 years
Easy to clean Yes
  • Fast adapt Isofix
  • Memory foam
  • Breathable fabric
  • Fixation in vehicles with 3-point belt
  • Isofix Connect fixation in vehicles
  • Removable cover
  • Air Pocket System
Seat width 36 cm
Height-adjustable backrest 66 - 77 cm / 7 x
Dimensions   46 x 45 x 66 cm