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  • Door bouncer
  • Entertainment for your child
  • Suspension supports your child’s natural movements
  • Supports the development of the child's motor skills
  • Height-adjustable
  • Easy to install - no drilling needed
Jumping fun

Jumping fun

The lovely Jump door bouncer supports your child's natural movements and strenghtens your little one's leg musculature for crawling and walking. The springy movements offer a lot of fun, too.

Pressure fit

Pressure fit

The Jump door bouncer is easily installed by clamping it on most door frames and there is no need for drilling. The seat height is adjustable and the padded seat offers optimum sitting comfort. Toys can be placed on the washable area with elevated edge.


This lovely door bouncer is the ideal solution for all children that love to move around. Just put your little one into Jump's seat and the fun may begin. Your offspring can then spring about on its own. The jumping and the springy movements strengthen your child's musculature for crawling and walking and, at the same time, the development of your little one's motor skill is supported. While your child jumps up and down, you can calmly finish your works.

The door bouncer Jump can be attached to most door frames by clamping system. No drilling is necessary making this bouncer ideal also for rented flats. Its seat is continuously height-adjustable so as to be adapted to your child's height. In addition, the padded seat offers a lot of comfort and the small table with elevated border, which can be cleaned, can be used for other toys, too.

Jump is the ideal play center for children who can sit up independently.

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  • Door bouncer


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Jump - Pooh Cuddles
Color Pooh Cuddles
EAN CODE 4007923645079

Product weight

Product net weight 1,60 kg
Product gross weight 2,05 kg
Height-adjustment Yes
Removable seat Yes
Age Information
  • from 6 months to 12 kg