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Close me 1

  • Door guard
  • Easy and safe fixing - no drilling or screwing
  • For a child-proof home
  • Universal use
For closet doors

For closet doors

To protect your little one's hands, use our Close Me 1 to secure your closet and kitchen doors. Close Me 1 does not need any tools for installatoin - release and remove the safety catch, put the U-shaped part around the door handles and put on again and double lock the safety catch. To open it do the exact opposit. A total of 2 pieces per package.

Close me 1

Secure cupboard and kitchen door handles with Close Me 1 to protect children's delicate, little hands. The door guard can be mounted without additional tools by releasing the sliding part, removing it, placing the u-shaped part around the handles, replacing the sliding part and securing it twice. Do the reverse to open the door. x 2 in box

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  • Door latch 2x


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Close Me 1
EAN CODE 4007923618547

Product weight

Product net weight 0,05 kg
Product gross weight 0,07 kg
Built up   20 x 5 x 1,5 cm