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Close me 2

  • Safety device for doors, 15 cm long (2 pieces)
  • Easy and safe fixing - no drilling or screwing
  • High-quality adhesive strips
  • Universal use (drawers, windows, stoves...)
  • For a child-proof home
For closet doors

For closet doors

To protect your little one's hands, use our Close Me 2 to secure your closet doors and drawers. Close Me 2 is installed via adhesive pads. In order to open the door, lift up the cover and remove the connection part. For closing, simply do the opposite. Length approx. 15 cm. A total of 2 pieces per package.

Close me 2

Easily secure your cupboard doors or drawers with Close Me 2 to protect children's delicate, little hands. The safety device is attached using adhesive pads. To open the door, simply fold up the cover and remove the connecting piece. Do the reverse to close the door. Length approx. 15cm. x 2 in box.

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  • Door latch 2x


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Close Me 2
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Built up   12 x 4 x 3 cm