Face to me

  • The bedside cot with the highest adjustment level
  • Individually adjustable bedside cot up to 86 cm
  • Ideal for box-spring beds
  • Lowerable side part
  • Tilt-resistant frame
  • Flat folding

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Always close by

In Face to Me, your little treasure will be as near to you as possible, while sleeping in the own bed. The advantage for you, as parents, is that you can calm your little one down fast during the night. In addition, mum has it also a great deal easier when she needs to feed the little dreamer at night.

Simply snuggly!

In this lovely and cosy cot, newborns will feel secure and at ease from the very beginning. A comfy mattress, border made of peluche and side part in net fabric offer your little one maimum comfort from the very first moment.

For all bed sizes

Face to Me is the perfect solution for newborns and the ideal bedside cot for boxspring beds up to 86 cm. Thanks to the 5x-height adjsutment and the additional lowerable side part, Face to Me can also be used for any other kind of bed.


The bedside cot can be removed from the chassis and then folded away flatly. The chassis can als be folded down and thus stored away in a space-savingly manner. Ideal also for travels.

Face to me

This cosy bedside cot can be individually adjusted up to a height of 86 cm, making it the ideal solution for higher beds like box-spring beds. Thanks to lowerable side part, you will be very close to your baby at night, easily calming down and feeding your little ray of sunshine. In addition, Face to Me is a particularly tilt-resistant cot that can be folded away flatly.

Height-adjustable. In this softly padded bedside cot, your new-born will feel safe and sound at any time. The cot can be adjusted five times in height, making it perfect for all kinds of beds. The side part can be lowered by opening the zip fastening. This allows you to reach out to your little one who will feel your proximity despite sleeping in his/her own bed. Like this, each one of you has freedom of movement but you are always near to one another. Nightly breast feeding is also easier and more relaxing as you don't have to get out of bed. The soft mattress guarantees sweet dreams.

Safe sleep. Thanks to the frame's construction, Face to Me is particularly stable and tilt-resistant. The lateral restriction ensures that baby cannot roll out of the cot. Furthermore, a belt systems gives you the possibility of fixing the bedside cot to your own bed.

Bassinet. During daytime, Face to Me can also be used as comfy bassinet by closing the side part. This way, your little treasure can always be near you, even outside of the bedroom. The net fabric allows you to see your little one even better in addition to allowing good air circulation. The soft plush border brings this cot's cuddling factor on an even higher level.

Flat folding. This bedside cot can be folded away flatly thanks to its practical folding mechanism. This way, stowing it away is easier and gives you the possibility of taking it along to grandma's and grandpa's.



  • Travel cot
  • Security straps 2x


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Face to Me - Grey
Color Grey
EAN CODE 4007923608500

Product weight

Product net weight 9,60 kg
Product gross weight 11,75 kg
Folded   94 x 60 x 20 cm
Built up   94 x 60 x 86 cm
Lying area   83 x 50 cm
Adjustment possibilities 5 x
From - to   37 - 57 cm
Age Information
  • from 0 months to 9 kg
Special Features
  • Mesh Window
  • Lowerable side part
  • Height-adjustable