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Varioguard Plus

  • Rear-facing car seat from birth up to 18 kg (Group 0+/1) incl. Isofix base
  • With ISOFIX rear-facing (0 - 18 kg)
  • With ISOFIX forward-facing (9 - 18 kg)
  • Energy-absorbing materials in head and shoulder area
  • High-quality and breathable stretch cover
  • Adjustable headrest and backrest
  • Long periode of use thanks to large inner dimensions
  • With 3-point belt fastening rearward-facing (0 -13 kg) and forward-facing (9 - 18 kg)
Rear-facing as long as possible

Rear-facing as long as possible

This infant car seat is suitable from birth up to 18 kg. Approved to the current car seat regulation ECE 44/04, this car seat can be used both in rear-facing and forward-facing position.

Safe on the road

Safe on the road

With 5-point harness, memory foam, as well as engergy-absorbing fabrics in head and shoulder paddings, this seat offers optimum protection in case of a frontal or side impact.

Isofix fixation

Isofix fixation

In your vehicle, this car seat for children can be easily mounted with the included ISOFIX base (rear-facing 0 - 18 kg, forward-facing 9 - 18 kg). Alternatively, this car seat can be mounted with the vehicle's 3-point safety belt (rear-facing 0 - 13 kg, forward-facing 9 - 18 kg).

Comfortable adjustments

Comfortable adjustments

Thanks to the height-adjustable backrest, as well as to the adjustable inclination of the seat in forward-facing fixation and in three positions, your little one will always be comfy.

Varioguard Plus

The Varioguard Plus car seat comes with Isofix base and can be used as rear-facing and forward-facing car seat from birth up to 18 kg (Group 0+/1). In your vehicle, the Isofix base is installed via support leg and ISOFIX connectors or, alternatively, via the car's 3-point safety belt.

By adjusting the headrest in height, this reboard car seat grows along with your child and can be thus used for a long period of time. In addition, the inclination angle can be adjusted in three position up to lying position. These features, as well as the breathable cover offer your offspring much comfort.

Furthermore, Varioguard Plus is approved to ECE 44/04. It has a 5-point harness, energy-absorbing shoulder paddings that reduce the load to head and neck in case of a front impact, as well as memory foam that achieved best results in crash tests and which also absorbs the impacts. The extended site impact protection on the exterior of the car seat and the energy-absorbing zones in head and shoulder areas offer additional safety.

By using your vehicle's ISOFIX attachment points, you can install the Varioguard Plus against the direction of travel up to and including Group I, i.e. from birth to 18kg. Once your child weighs over 9kg, you can turn the seat around to face the direction of travel.

If you are fitting the Varioguard Plus using the 3-point vehicle belt, you can use the seat against the direction of travel as Group 0+ (from birth to 13kg). Once your child weighs more than 9kg, but at the very latest when their bodyweight is over 13kg, Varioguard Plus must be turned to face the direction of travel if installed in this way.


Product Awards


  • Car seat
  • Isofix Base


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Varioguard Plus - Edition - Black/Black
Color Edition Black/Black
EAN CODE 4007923609163

Product weight

Product net weight 15,00 kg
Product gross weight 17,50 kg
  • Extended Side Protection ESP
Age Information
  • 0 - 18 kg
Easy to clean Yes
  • Rear-facing car seat
  • Memory foam
  • Breathable fabric
  • Fixation in vehicles with 3-point belt
  • Fixation in vehicles with ISOFIX
  • with ISOFIX rear-facing (0-18 kg)
  • with ISOFIX forward-facing (9-18 kg)
  • with 3-point safety belt fixation rear-facing (0-13 kg)
  • fixation with 3 point safety belt forward-facing (9-18 kg)
Safety Belt
  • 5-Point Harness
Seat width 28 cm
Height-adjustable backrest 7 x
Adjustable inclination 3 x
Max. load 18 kg
Dimensions   50 x 41 x 72 cm