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Bungee Deluxe

  • Comfortable baby bouncer
  • Toy bar supports the child's motor skills
  • Backrest adjustable with one hand
  • Lockable rocking function
  • Optimum comfort from birth


In this lovely baby bouncer, your baby will feel snuggly at all times. The backest can be adjusted into seating position for eating or in lying position for relaxing.



In the Bungee Deluxe bouncer, your little one will never get bored. The toy bar will keep your baby occupied while supporting the development of your little one's motor skills. Should your offspring be tired, you can turn around the little feet and let the bouncer move naturally to the baby's movements.

Bungee Deluxe

In this snuggly baby bouncer, your little one will feel safe right from birth. The Bungee Deluxe is ideal for feeding, playing and relaxing.

The plus figures inspire your child to play and dream, while supporting the development of motor skills. The Bungee Deluxe can either bounce along with your child’s natural movements or stay in a firm position by turning around the bouncer’s feet.

In addition, the backrest can be adjusted with only one hand. This way, your child will sit comfortably at all times.

Last but not least, the bouncer can be easily carried from one room to another thanks to the carry straps on each side.

Product Awards


  • Toy bar
  • Bouncer


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Bungee Deluxe - Pooh Cuddles
Color Pooh Cuddles
EAN CODE 4007923633649

Product weight

Product net weight 2,60 kg
Product gross weight 3,35 kg
Built up   61 x 43 x 77 cm
Folded   77 x 43 x 36 cm
Age Information
  • 0 - 9 months
Safety Belt
  • 3-Point Harness
Special Features
  • Detachable cover
Max. load 9 kg
One-handed backrest inclination Yes