Bike Trailer Comfort Seat

Comfortable seat reducer for bike trailers

  • Safe and comfy on your bike tours
  • Easy-to-handle and practical design
  • Universal fit for many bike trailers
Colour variants : Black
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Comfortable seat reducer for bike trailers

Stable seat thanks to lateral padding
The side restraints and extra padding on the headrest and seat support provide your child with extra stability and a secure seating position.
Elevated comfort on long outings
Thanks to the soft seat cushion, your child will be comfortable even on longer journeys.
Suitable for children from 6 months onward
The seat reducer is suitable for children as soon as they can sit alone.
Safe installation through belt slots
The seat reducer can be easily attached to the seat of your bicycle trailer by means of the 5-point harness, allowing to keep your child safe at all times.
Long use thanks to durable materials
Thanks to the hard-wearing, durable materials, you can the seat cushion for a long time, also for siblings.
Universally usable and compatible with Dryk Duo

Thanks to the well thought-out design, you can use the seat insert for various bicycle trailers such as the hauck Dryk Duo or Dryk Duo Plus.

Seat reducer also usable for twins
The seat reducer is ideal for two-seaters and children of the same age, as you can comfortably place two of them next to each other.


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