Bike Trailer Hitch

More flexibility with hauck bike trailers

  • Be more flexible with the second hitch
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with the hauck Dryk Duo bike trailer
Colour variants : Metal Black
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More flexibility with hauck bike trailers

More flexibility in your daily life
Mom brings the kids to kindergarten and dad picks them up? Thanks to the separate hitch you can spontaneously decide and easily switch the Dryk Duo bike trailer from one bike to bike.
Easy installation on your bike
The hitch can be safely installed on your bike in few steps and without additional tools, allowing you to equip as many bikes as you wish with a hitch that is compatible with the bike trailer.
Discreet hitch always ready for use

The hitch can stay on your bike – no need to remove it after each ride. The Dryk Duo hitch is designed to be discreet but ready to use at any time.

Universally usable
The hitch is compatible with the Dryk Duo bike trailer, allowing more flexibility in spontaneous changes of plans when biking with your children or when other people wish to use the bike trailer.


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