Play Catching S

A toy for all the senses

  • Grasp, touch, look and listen
  • Sweet play features and a sweet gift
  • Perfect for the highchair
Colour variants : Fox
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Top features

  • sustainable
  • compatible with Alpha Play Tray
  • compatible with Arketa Play Tray


A toy for all the senses

Everything in motion
Do you want to let your child enjoy fun and games in their highchair? The Play Catching S activity ring stimulates your baby to grasp, touch, look and listen, supports their sensory skills and promotes motor skills and coordination.
Sweet play elements – and a sweet gift
Perfect for a baby's little hands: the Play Catching S's sweet and soft play elements invite your baby to play and discover. It also makes a great gift because you can hang the ring anywhere.
Perfect for the highchair
Do you want to get things done, but keep an eye on your child at the same time? This perfect addition to your Alpha+, Beta+ or Arketa highchair Play Tray will keep your child busy when playing on their own.
With or without a Play Tray
Whether in the highchair, the infant car seat or in the push chair: with the Play Reading S, your child can play anywhere. Because you can easily attach the activity ring without the hauck Play Tray.
Everything is well-attached
Fixed to the highchair, with no loose parts: the play features are held on using bands. You simply screw the game to your highchair's Play Tray. This means nothing can fall off.
Up to three toys possible

The play tray can be individually combined with up to three play attachments that can be bought separately. Either 1 small and 1 large or 3 small ones.



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